media presentations


my videos are design to be an affordable way for my clients

to present their ideas to potential licensees and are not intended to be finished

broadcast quality infomercials

“Ab Circle Pro”

I shot and edited this video for the developer as a way to present the product (originally know as SlimWheel) for license. This video was instrumental in the “Ab Circle Pro’s” eventual licensing and sale of millions of units.

It was a 3 hour unscripted video shoot I edited down to approximately 10 minutes. The original file was made as a DVD quality presentation to be shown on a laptop computer or personal TV.


I created this video using only photos and layered artwork I developed in Photoshop. I then animated all the elements in After Effects and did the final edits and voice overs in iMovie.

The video was produced as a sales tool for a company developing new patented technology for monitoring family members and other individuals.

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